Data Center & Cloud


If you’re like many organizations we work with, you’re dealing with a lot of data that needs to be managed, stored, secured, backed up, and virtualized. Not only is this daunting for your IT department, but also can become very costly. At ieMentor, we provide southeastern Wisconsin businesses the latest data center and cloud technologies to update, consolidate, and optimize current infrastructures. Whether you’re seeking services related to a private cloud server or on premise data center, our Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts on staff can determine customized solutions that cater to your individual needs.

Business Challenges that our Data Center & Cloud Solutions Solve

Traditional Data Centers have always served the purpose of securely storing all of your data. However, in this day and age, your data center can be much more than a repository. When utilizing a highly optimized on-premise or cloud storage infrastructure, you’re simplifying IT operations, maintenance, and security. You’re also saving money and energy consumption due to lessened upkeep and labor costs. ieMentor uses all Cisco next-gen products and solutions for our clients, so you’re ensured best-in-class quality and technology.

  • Simplifies IT operations and maintenance
  • Expands flexibility and scalability (cloud)
  • Saves time and money on operational labor



Unified Computing System

A cohesive integrated system that unites storage access, network, compute and virtualization


Off-premise data storage solution that eliminates maintenance and support, and increases flexibility

Data Center Switching

Seamlessly provides enhanced business agility and architectural flexibility

Data Center Management and Automation

Automated IT processes allow you to compete effectively, increase operational speed, and achieve business results

Data Center Security

Protect your data center from outside threats without slowing it down

Storage Networking

Cisco SANs Lower total cost of ownership, simplify operations, and extend network services

Software Defined Networking (ACI)

A platform that can handle highly demanding networking needs, and accelerates application deployment and delivery

Load Balancers

Keep operations running seamlessly without delays