Enterprise Networks

Enterprise networks are at the foundation of every technology infrastructure. They’re what keep you connected to all devices, departments and systems that require access. Therefore, the architecture, maintenance, and security of your network are top priorities at ieMentor. Our Cisco Certified Internetwork experts have delivered networking solutions for a wide array of Wisconsin companies in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, hospitality and healthcare. We work hard to enhance operational proficiency and provide the best products and services for each individual organization.

Business Challenges that Enterprise Networks Solve

Your network is responsible for connecting all of your devices and systems. We, on the other hand, are responsible for providing you with the tools and solutions to attain the most high quality communication platform possible. With access to innovative and trusted Cisco products, we can ensure that your network is functioning at optimal speed, security, mobility, and cost.

Keeps your applications up and running, significantly reducing down time

Strengthens business-wide security and protects against cyber attacks

Guarantees that everyone in an organization is accessible on multiple devices and systems




Gets your high volume data from one network to the other quickly and efficiently


Gain access to our wide variety of switching solutions, optimized for your industry

Wireless & Mobility

Mobilize your organization’s enterprise network so people can connect anywhere on any device

Intelligent WAN (iWan)

Cut costs and increase band width capacity on a secure and reliable network

Network Management

Options to help you simplify network management and improve operational efficiency