In this day and age, security threats are everywhere, and businesses need to be sure that they’re completely protected. We understand that organizations need the tools to detect vulnerabilities, safeguard data, and stop threats dead in their tracks. At ieMentor, we want to relieve some of the stress and worry that often accompany cyber attack protection and prevention. We have experts that specialize in assessing existing conditions, installing technologies, and advising clients to ensure ongoing security success. Our Southeastern WI engineers are committed to providing accelerated technical problem resolution, which is key in the event of a cyber attack.

Business Challenges that Security Solves

A security breach is every organization’s biggest nightmare. It can lead to high-value data loss, confidential information exposure, and more. That’s why prevention and protection measures are essential to the success of your company. No matter what your industry or state of protection, ieMentor has the solutions and services to get your business at optimal security. Our CCIE experts on staff are capable of stabilizing your security infrastructure before, during, or after an attack.

  • Prevents cyber attackers from infiltrating your network, data, and organization
  • Combats the ever-changing threats facing email and web security
  • Exposes vulnerabilities and accelerates problem resolution
  • Enhances visibility to identify what’s happening on your network



Access Control & Policy (ISE)

Next generation user and device visibility that monitors and authorizes network access

Next-Generation Firewalls

Multi-layered defense against threats, full network visibility for heightened monitoring, and automated security tasks to increase overall efficiency

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Solutions that provide early threat detection and protect against cyber attacks

Web Security

Cisco offers a wide variety of web security solutions to prevent cyber vandalism, theft, disruption and more

Email Security

Best-in-class email malware protection that comprehensively and efficiently defends against attacks


Virtually Private Networks utilize encryption and authentication to provide superior security