Software Defined Architectures

Optimize your organization’s IT costs, time, and labor with Software Defined Architectures. ieMentor’s Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts are specialized in helping your company make a smooth transition into a fully virtualized and automated system with technologies such as Software Defined Networking, Storage, and Data Centers. No matter what your industry, utilizing an effective Software Defined Architecture can help your business achieve modernized operations and agility within your IT systems. Unlike the traditional technology environments, software defined platforms seamlessly and holistically work together to support real-time requests and process large amounts of data.

Business Challenges that Software Defined Architectures Solve

Having your networking, storage, and data center defined by software will not only increase your IT efficiency, but also improve your business applications as a whole. By evolving your operating environment into a fully Software Defined Architecture, you will reduce the use of hardware and its accompanying maintenance, lower overall power consumption, and increase system efficiency. You make the decision to innovate your infrastructure, and we’ll make it happen.

  • Increases virtualization and automation
  • Expands storage to meet demands
  • Optimizes IT performance and capabilities
  • Saves time and money on operational labor



Software Defined Networking - ACI

A platform that can handle highly demanding networking needs, and accelerates application deployment and delivery

Software Defined Storage – Springpath

Provides a simplified storage solution that can be dynamically managed and optimized

Software Defined Data Center

A unified platform in which all elements are virtualized, integrated, and automated