Stop telling customers “NO

when they ask about Cisco!

So what's the problem?

In the past, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have tended to steer clear of Cisco Technologies.
Pricing: MSPs often lack the purchasing volume necessary to attain competitive pricing on Cisco Hardware, Software, and Licensing.
Cisco Expertise: Acquiring the talent required to proficiently design, configure, and maintain Cisco Networks can be challenging, particularly due to the shortage of skilled engineers in the present times.

So what's the solution?

Partner with ieMentor to take advantage of our buying power to obtain deep discounts on Cisco Hardware, Software, and Licensing.

Utilize our team of Elite Cisco engineers to Design, Implement, and provide reactive Support, available either under your organization’s brand or ieMentor’s. 

So why should I trust ieMentor with my customers?

An IRON CLAD 5 year non-compete, guaranteeing we won’t ever cut you out of a deal. 

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