No matter the industry, we have the technical experience and expertise to provide value to your business.


ieMentor solves business challenges that occur at every stage of the manufacturing process. Whether it’s enhancing operational communications through the Internet of things (IoT) or reducing risks and overall downtime in industrial automation environments, we specialize in helping factories become fully connected and optimized.


It's crucial that IT challenges don't interfere with caring for patients. Our solutions inclue virtual patient observation, cloud computing, simplified clinician workflows, and more. We utilize Cisco Compliance and Medical Device Management Solutions to keep your business in compliance with the latest regulations.

Financial Services

We provide insurers, banks, and capital markets IT solutions that improve consumer interactions, expand security, and drive sales. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer service capabilities with video chat or optimize internal collaboration tools through cloud technology, ieMentor can help.


Enhance the experience of hotel staff and guests alike with Cisco’s Connected Hotel and Hospitality solutions. We help businesses in the hospitality industry create a seamless and personalized customer experience through communication technologies such as mobile guest recognition and check in, personalized promotion notifications, and next generation Wi-Fi capabilities. This technology creates an individualized experience for guests, aids hospitality associates in managing the facilities, and helps employees collaborate.


Whether your organization is at the municipal, city, county, or state level, ieMentor has the IT services and technology to help you improve operations and best serve the community. We understand that every government agency has unique needs and a strict budget, which is why our CCIEs on staff take the time to understand your individual needs and provide highly personalized solutions.


Consumers expect a highly personalized and streamlined buying experience. ieMentor helps retailers utilize real-time analytics and purchasing behavior data to gain valuable insights and create an individualized connection with customers.


Engage students and exceed classroom performance goals with interactive digital technology solutions. We provide educators the tools to create a collaborative learning environment, and school IT departments the products and services to keep technology running reliably and efficiently.

Need Help with IT Solutions? We Are Experts!

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