We believe our purpose is simple: to help southeastern WI businesses run efficiently and securely by providing a wide array of IT solutions.

Enterprise Networks

Enterprise networks are at the foundation of every technology infrastructure. They’re what keep you connected to all devices, departments and systems that require access. Therefore, the architecture, maintenance, and security of your network are top priorities at ieMentor.


In this day and age, security threats are everywhere, and businesses need to be sure that they’re completely protected. We understand that organizations need the tools to detect vulnerabilities, safeguard data, and stop threats dead in their tracks. At ieMentor, we want to relieve some of the stress and worry that often accompany cyber attack protection and prevention.


Get Collaboration has been and continues to be at the heart of every business. What’s changed are the ways in which we communicate. As technology continues to evolve, optimal methods of collaboration are becoming more affordable and readily available for businesses big and small.

Software Defined Networking

Optimize your organization’s IT costs, time, and labor with Software Defined Architectures. ieMentor’s Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts are specialized in helping your company make a smooth transition into a fully virtualized and automated system with technologies such as Software Defined Networking, Storage, and Data Centers.

Data Center & Cloud

If you’re like many organizations we work with, you’re dealing with a lot of data that needs to be managed, stored, secured, backed up, and virtualized. Not only is this daunting for your IT department, but also can become very costly. At ieMentor, we provide southeastern Wisconsin businesses the latest data center and cloud technologies to update, consolidate, and optimize current infrastructures.

Need Help with IT Solutions? We Are Experts!

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